Industrial rolling doors

Type PDR

The industrial rolling door can be precisely and consistently customised for a wide range of users. When the time comes to invest in new doors, especially where space is tight and access is difficult, rolling doors are an excellent choice. Continuously galvanized, extra-strong steel can be used for stability and safety. For low weight and corrosion resistance, aluminium is a good choice. The industrial rolling doors are available in the following dimensions: height: 1.500 mm – 10.000 mm width: max. 11.800 mm

A lot of advantages of the industrial rolling doors speak for themselves:

  • excellence the heat and sound insulating properties
  • extremely robust, durable and high-grade manufacture
  • using a range of different roller door profile for better vision and ventilation
  • RAL coulours, using a range of coil coating or wet paint systems
  • high motor speeds with inverter technology

The PDR industrial rolling door fully comply with the requirements of EN 13241-1 and hold a TÜV-approval.

Roller door profile, aluminium


  • Double wall insulated PU-filled profile, material aluminium
  • Single wall roller door profile, material aluminium

Alumimium offers improved corrosion-resistance compared to steel, and is even more lightweight, around 4.9 kg/m²

Roller door profiles

Our single-walled roller door profiles are available in galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel, colour coated upon request. They prove to be extremely robust and resistant to bending in every day use. The selection includes curved and straight profiles in different materials and surfaces.


The drive is a slip-on geared motor with integrated safety catch. It is sized according tot he dimensions of the door system. The drive can be installed on the right or the left.

Door control

The industrial rolling door has a basic control system configured to press-and-hold to close/ press once to open. The plastic control box has a film keypad with Open-Stop-Close buttons. A CEE-plug (IP 54) is used to connect the power supply. Other door control configurations can be selected.

High-speed rolling door

A powerful microprocessor with inverter is available, providing smooth acceleration and soft braking to protect the materials as the door opens and closes. This allows the opening speed to be increases to 0.6 m/s. A stationary light barrier also prevents the door closing if there are people or objects in the way.

Pulse generators

Individual functionality can be further customized with additional safety devices like infrared or radar motion sensors and a wide range of industrial pulse generators (switches, induction loops, radio transmitters).


Each door can be fitted with an electrically monitored bottom section (safety contact strip or advancing safety light barrier). If the door is less than 2,500 mm in height, an additional safety light barrier or a containment box will be necessary (option).


  • Key switch
  • ceiling -pull-switch
  • Hand-held transmitter
  • wireless optical safety edge package (battery included)
  • photo-beam push button up-down-stop
  • key switch assembling kit for panel lid
  • hand crank with knuckle joint
  • emergency chain
  • Traffic lights