Slidable aluminium drawbridge leveller


Laterally sliding drawbridge leveller

The PKBS laterally sliding drawbridge leveller is designed for bridging loading areas with small or medium differences in height and can be operated by one person. This leveller slides laterally and is stored vertically at the edge of the dock when not in use; With a load capacity is 40kN; and a maximum height difference of 135 mm, this product is perfectly suited to smaller docks with only a single operator available

Made of an aluminium alloy, the PKBS laterally sliding drawbridge leveller provides a high-strength and weather resistant solution, suitable for all conditions. An automatic lock system, which can be easily released, prevents accidental fall-down of the leveller.

Nominal length (NL) Nominal width (NW) Min. difference in height Max. difference in height
410 1.250, 1.500 – 70 + 30
535 1.250, 1.500 – 90 + 45
785 1.250, 1.500 – 120 + 75
910 1.250, 1.500 – 135 + 90

All dimensions in mm.