Alcove-mounted curtain-type dock shelter

Type PMN

The curtain-type dock shelter for alcove installation type PMN is fixed directly in a building alcove as not to disturb the continuity of the building façade and to considerably improve its overall uniform appearance.

This type of dock shelter consists of aluminum profiles which are mounted to both sides and to the top edge of the alcove. The shelter can be set in concrete, steel or installed using a special fixing system. The high- durability, 3 mm thick curtains are made of 2-layer, PVC-coated fabrics. Warning stripes at the front section of the dock shelter facilitate the vehicle dock-in procedure. The PMN dock shelter is pre-mounted and con- sists of just three parts; therefore, it can be mounted to the façade very fast and easily. Considerable savings regarding time and money are the decisive advantages of this design.

Already in its standard version, the PMN dock shelter comes with one corner slit so that perfect adjustment to the vehicle can be guaranteed.