Stationary dock leveller with hinge lip

Type PS2

The stationary dock leveller with swing lip (PS2) is a new product of PROMStahl’s wide product range. This top-quality product benefits from over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing docking systems. The electro-hydraulic PS leveller is operated at the touch of a button. As soon as the platform has reached its highest position the lip swings out automatically and comes to rest on the lorry bed. During loading and unloading the PROMStahl dock leveller follows the movements of the vehicle (automatic floating position).

The PS2 dock leveller is supplied including frame and installed in the pit as a compact unit in just one step. Additional supports are not necessary. Considerable savings in installation and its tail-lift recess, i.e. the possibility to accommodate tail lifts, are the big advantages of this system. The load capacity of the PS dock leveller corresponds to the axle load limit taking into consideration the most unfavourable loading case.