Stationary dock leveller with telescopic lip and Fall Guard

Type PTS

Stationary dock leveller with telescopic lip  and Fall Guard safety device

The PTS-type stationary dock leveller with telescopic lip and additional Fall Guard lock is a new design belonging to the wide range of PROMStahl products to further increase safety during loading and unloading. The rapid pace of work involving handling systems in storage places or warehouses can lead to many dangerous and even life-threatening situations. Bearing this in mind, PROMStahl decided to prevent this type of hazard by introducing the Fall Guard lock. When the dock leveller is in its rest position, four blocking chocks integrated into the platform, move upwards and hence form a stable safety device protecting forklift trucks and the loading staff from falling from the open ramp.

The PTS-type electro-hydraulic dock leveller is operated at the touch of a button. After lifting the platform to the required height, the telescopic lip can be exactly extended to the necessary length and accurately positioned on the lorry bed. Thanks to this feature effective loading and unloading even of vehicles that are not completely correctly positioned can be guaranteed and time-consuming and complicated repositioning of the vehicle is not necessary. During material handling activities, the dock leveller automatically adjusts to variations in the vehicle bed height (automatic floating mode).

The PTS-type dock leveller is supplied including its frame and installed in the pit as a compact unit in just one step. Additional supports are not necessary. Considerable savings in installation and its tail-lift recess, i.e. the possibility to accommodate tail lifts, are the big advantages of this type of installation. The load capacity of the PTS-type dock leveller meets the forklift axle load requirements, including worst-case load situations.

The PROMStahl PTS-type dockleveller meets all requirements of the most recent European Standard, EN 1398, and carries the CE marking. Additionally, it has been voluntarily certifi ed by the globally-recognized German Technical Inspection Association TÜV and received the GS.