Mechanical dock shelter with side cushions


The mechanical dock shelter PMSK is a new product of PROMStahl’s wide product range. It mainly consists of an height-adaptable roof part and two side parts. These side parts are made of a special foam material. If a vehicle does not dock in perfectly, these foam side parts are compressed and then move to the sides. Therefore, the dock shelter is not damaged even if the truck does not reverse centrically. Thanks to the special design of the height-adaptable roof part, damage is avoided even for very high trucks like jumbo vehicles or demountable containers. If the vehicle is lifted, the roof automatically follows this upward movement. The roof returns to its original position after the vehicle has left the docking station.

The side curtains have a thickness of 3 mm and are made of highly wear and tear resistant double- layer PVC-coated cloth with extra reinforcement lamellas welded to the rear side. This results in perfect contact with the vehicle as well as optimal sealing. The front side of the PMSK dock shelter is provided with warning stripes facilitating the dock-in process. The side parts are coated with black double-layered PVC cloth. Waterproof connection to the wall of the building is guaranteed by means of a sealing lip. The special sloped design of the roof prevents rainwater accumulation.

The standard version of the dock shelter is provided with a slit in the left and right-hand corner. Partially or completely slit top curtains are available at a minimum surcharge. The PMSK dock shelter is pre-mounted and consists of just three parts; therefore, it can be mounted to the façade very fast and easily. Considerable savings regarding time and money are the decisive advantages of this design.