Hydraulic dock leveller with segmented telescopic lip

Type PTU

PROMStahl’s new product, the PTU, is a stationary electro-hydraulic dock leveller with a segmented telescopic lip. It represents the optimal solution for loading and unloading different types of vehicles like for example lorries and vans. This versatility leads to enormous cost savings.

The most important feature of this type of leveller is its segmented (3-part) telescopic lip. Depending on the type of vehicle docked (lorry or van) the operator chooses the related mode of operation on the control unit. For vans, only the 1200 mm segment in the middle of the telescopic lip is extended. In this case the leveller’s load capacity is 20 kN. Thanks to the PTU’s special design, the weight on the van is hydraulically reduced to about 100 kg.

For loading and unloading standard trucks, all three segments of the telescopic lip are automatically positioned on the lorry bed with their total width of 1.950 mm. In that case, the load capacity of the dock leveller is increased to 60 kN. The PTU is operated electric-hydraulically at the push of a button; after exact positioning of the lip on the lorry bed, it follows the height variations of the vehicle being loaded or unloaded (automatic floating position).

The PROMStahl PTU dock leveller meets all requirements of the European standard EN 1398.