Helix / S600

The superfast and space-saving spiral door

The Helix is brand-new in our product range: It is a superfast highly insulated sectional door equipped with special rolls that reduce operation noise to a minimum.

Traditionally, two doors are often mounted in frequently used exterior openings; an insulated door for use at night and a high speed door that is used during the day. The new Helix / S600 combines the best of both worlds in a single product. An investment that pays for itself in next to no time!

The S600 has the identical drive system as the Helix Spiral door but has a standard track system. This door opens 6 times faster than a similar sectional door but can be installed into a headroom of only 600 mm. The Helix and S600 have a standard section height of 366 mm.

If you have insufficient back room for the S600 you have the solution of the Helix with faster speed!

The Helix spiral door opens 6 times faster than similar sectional doors and is therefore extremely suitable in an environment where you have intensive logistic movements. This door opens fast and depending on the door size up to 1.1 m/s and real savings on the energy cost can be achieved.