Fixed aluminium drawbridge leveller

Type PV

In general, the danger of accidents during loading and unloading is very high due to bad lighting of the docking area.

PROMStahl dock lights offer the best solution for perfect lighting of the docking area and the lorry bed.

Type PV 02

If lighting of the inside and outside loading area is required, we recommend the type PV 02 PROMStahl dock light, a halogen spot light of 150 W. Its housing is made of stainless steel, is dust and waterproof and movable in all directions.

Technical characteristics

  •  halogen spotlight (150 W)
  • protection class: IP 65
  • operational voltage: 220 V
  • stainless steel housing


  • suitable for outside use (dust and waterproof)
  •  high lighting efficiency
  •  long service life
Type PV 05

The type PV 05 dock light is new in the PROMStahl product range. This LED spotlight is highly energy efficient compared to a standard light bulb. The LED lamp consumes up to 90% less energy to produce the same lighting results. LED lamps provide 100 % luminance immediately after switching them on. This characteristic is very important for docking stations. The spotlight is fixed to the bracing arms by means of a rotating bracket so that it is movable in all directions.

Technical characteristics

  • LED: 30 W high-power LED (corresponds to about 300 W)
  • protection class: IP 44
  • energy consumption: 30 Watt
  • light colour: 6000K (white)
  • angle of radiation: 140° (i.e. the best angle for spot lights)
  • operational voltage: 220 V


  • extra-long service life
  • low heat development
  • immediate 100 % lighting effect
  • environmentally friendly
  • not susceptible to shocks
Type PV 07

The advantage of the type PV 07 dock light is that it is always equipped with two separate switches to turn on and off the dock light and that it has a higher luminance compared to many other dock lights. This dock light is equipped with an energy saving lamp (36 W) and can be optimally positioned. The plastic housing is completely dust and waterproof.

Depending on the individual situation on site, the dock lights are installed inside the warehouse directly at the docking station or outside the warehouse building. Thanks to the movable bracing arms made of aluminium, optimal and flexible lighting of the desired areas can be guaranteed.

If connected to a PROMStahl control unit, all dock lights are automatically switched on during loading or unloading and automatically switch off when the dock leveller returns to its resting position.

Technical characteristics

  • dock light with energy saving lamp (36 W max)
  • protection class: IP 44
  • operational voltage: 220 V
  • bulb fitting: E27


  • low energy consumption
  • big lighting range
  • low heat development
  • two separate switches (on/off)