The benefits of a loadhouse

When you install a loadhouse, your entire loading bay sits outside of your main building. So what benefits does this bring you?

Increase efficiency

By placing your dock leveler outside your building you limit the amount of energy exchange that can take place at your loading bay. No matter how energy efficient a dock leveler is, the mechanics of it mean that there are gaps and spaces which allow an exchange of air.

So a loadhouse enables you to reduce the risk of energy loss and temperature exchange – which is particularly important at distribution centers which deal in refrigerated goods.

Increase hygiene

The space under a dock leveler can be a shelter for pests to hide and for dirt to build up. By placing your dock levelers in loadhouses you increase the hygiene inside your building and reduce the risk of dirt or pests disrupting business.

This is particularly important for businesses that deal in sensitive goods, like food. By using a loadhouse you can completely contain your indoor warehouse in a way that you can’t if you have dock levelers installed in your building.

Maximize space

By moving loading bays and the loading process from inside your warehouse to outside the main building you immediately free up internal space in your warehouse.

So if you’re thinking about how to optimize your loading operations, consider a loadhouse for increased efficiency, enhanced hygiene and to make the most of your space.