Are you ready for the new regulations?

The fight against climate change is underway, and U-values are part of the solution

A number of considerations are taken into account when measuring the environmental performance of a building, from carbon usage to water consumption to the materials used. And thermal performance, measured in heat loss, is one of the key contributing factors to be considered. Because of this, U-values – and limits on U-values – are fast becoming a familiar feature of every construction plan.

U-values are the standard that all new windows and doors must comply with. They measure convection, conduction and radiation in Watts to evaluate how effective a material is as at preventing the passage of heat – and so at insulating. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation, and the lower the buildings carbon footprint.

Building regulations are placing ever more stringent demands on buildings to keep U-values low. Under the Kyoto Agreement, all industrial doors need to comply with a U-value of 1.4W/m2K or less by 2020. This means that when choosing or specifying products for your building, you need to think ahead and choose something that can meet these demands.

The new ASSA ABLOY OH1082P features 82mm of insulation, tight double seals and an extremely effective thermal break. All this adds up to a U-value rating of just 0.46 W/m2K*. So not only does the ASSA ABLOY OH1082P meet the 2020 requirements, it also exceeds them, keeping you future proofed against increasingly rigorous insulation regulations.

What’s more, you won’t only save energy. Reduced energy loss means lower energy bills. So, in the long run, low U-values will save your business money.